When I am refunded?

If we are not able to recharge your mobile/dth within 24hrs (after you made the payment) for any reason whatsoever, we will give you a full refund.

When will I not be refunded?

If you give us wrong mobile number/dth (for example instead of 98891234’5’ you gave us 98891234’6’ to recharge, and if that number has been recharged by us already then we won’t be able to refund you back) If you contact us prior we do the recharge, we will grant you refund or do the recharge on the correct number provided by you.

How can I request for refund?

Simple send us an email on admin@easyrechargeonline.com with your recharge and payment details, and we will send you the refund within 24 hrs.

Why was my payment refunded and mobile/dth not recharged?

We do our due diligence prior to each and every recharge, and kept the recharge system Manual after proper client verification, if we find out that you are using somebody else’s Paypal account or Credit Card, or you have a IP address of the country which is NOT ALLOWED in paypal, then we simply refund you back without doing any recharges.This is to avoid the scammers and hackers and provide our genuine clients a good quality service.